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Interview with an Operational Mantrailing Handler from Texas

GL Potts with his Mantrailers

GL Potts is an experienced dog handler from Texas. His dogs have been assisting successfully in searches for criminals and missing people.

We have interviewed him, to find out more.

Tell us a little bit about you.

GL Potts is an Independent K9 Handler, and former Texas Peace Officer in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, and a member of the American Bloodhound Club. He responds to missing person situations for more than a dozen local and federal police agencies. This is all done free of charge as a form of his witness to God and community service. Set up through the court system his dogs are trained with kids that have got in trouble and need to perform community service hours. By working with the dogs these kids learn such life skills as responsibility, communication and respect for others.

What are your dog’s achievements in real life cases?

The dogs currently utilized are two Bloodhounds, Journey and Reign to young dogs that have quickly shown they have the relentless personality and determination that are required in being superior mantrailing dogs. Both are high drive working dogs, and both dogs use their nose to follow the scent of a specific individual. Mantrailing is the best game for them to use their high powered nose and intense work ethic. They have also been known to visit local schools and symposiums to discuss the use of bloodhounds and what one should do if they get lost or separated.

2018 was a hard year as three working dogs all passed and were in need of replacing. K9 Storm, Radar, and Hogan all three former Certified Trailing Dogs passed away due to various issues. With a need to get other working dogs up to speed K9 Reign was purchased and started her training at 8 weeks of age. K9 Journey only 8 months old herself was quickly brought up to speed as her training efforts were put into high pace. K9 Journey is now ready for work and K9 Reign not far behind.

Over the past few years GL and his dogs have assisted in the searches for several different fugitives and missing persons. In February 2013 they assisted Miami Dade and Grapevine PD in the Search for escapee Albert Morales. This person assaulted a transport officer and escaped into the community. In April 2013 GL and his dogs helped the US Marshall Service in the hunt for escaped inmate Donald Greenlee. Again in October 2013 he assisted the Parker County Sherriff for fugitive Winfred Watson, an individual that that been in a shootout with a local sheriff. 2014 and 2015 saw a much larger increase in work for runaways and missing persons for the Fort Worth Police Department, Burleson PD and Cleburne PD. 2016 had such successful searches as a FT Worth case for a missing elderly women who wondered off from her home in 104 degree temperatures. This case resulted in a walk up find by K9 Hogan. Another search involved K9 Hogan and Strom in the search for a missing child in downtown Ft Worth. This child was abducted from her home. K9s located a direction of travel and the child soon located less than 300 yards from the spot where the dogs lost scent. 2017 K9 Strom made a find of a missing murder weapon for the Parker County Sheriff’s Office and then minutes later she would have a walk up find on a call out with the Weatherford PD for a car thief that wrecked the car and ran off from the location.

Why do you think a good training/support team is so important?

Team training does not really exist as GL is an independent handler. The use of Community Service workers and the dedication to teaching them the requirements to assist in working with the dogs does however provide a group atmosphere that can result in success. The more people are willing to assist and provide positive input the better chance of having a solid training environment.

How often do you train per week?

With a young puppy 5-6 days a week averaging around 5-10 minutes in length. Older dogs train 34 times a week. Seasons Dogs 2-3 times a week. Training will vary from motivational runaways to varied blind aged trails.

Thank you for your service GL Potts and K9´s!



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