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Finding the Best Instructor for You and Your Dog

Mantrailing is an addictive sport, anyone whose attend an introduction course knows dogs and owners love it alike. We are increasing the numbers of instructors across the UK every year, as we want more dogs and their owners to be able to enjoy mantrailing. With this explosion of popularity there is also a down side, as getting on sessions with Mantrailing UK Instructors can be hard as they are high in demand - But below you will find the reasons why it´s worth the wait! Why should you use a Mantrailing UK certified instructor?

• We are the first and only accredited Mantrailing International Training Centre in the UK, and teach our instructors to that standard. • All of our instructors undertake an intensive 5-day course, in which they learn not only how to teach the start of Mantrailing they also learn how to effectively motivate your dog and problem solve tailored to individual dog handler teams.

• Safety is our highest priority as trailing often happens in rural or urban locations, we equip all our instructors to adhere to health and safety to make sure you and your dog are safe at all times. • We are a community of instructors, supporting each other and constantly progressing our knowledge to be able to give you the most effective training possible. • The instructor course is fully CPD certified to maintain the high standards we set ourselves. • Mantrailing UK is the biggest mantrailing body for the sport in the UK and we screen all our instructor applicants to only allow the most professional, ethical and experienced people to become instructors. • We want you to succeed. We know that hard work equals success, and we actively encourage people to work towards our training levels to build on your success. • By trailing with a Mantrailing UK instructor you can reach our Level 1-3 certification for sport trailers. We actively encourage you to rope in family members, meet with friends and train. But do this alongside trailing with a qualified instructor. To get the very best out of your dog, and your trailing experience. It’s like the difference between learning to drive with a family member Vs a professional, we both know who reaps the best results.

Lisa the founder of Mantrailing UK has spent time devising this course in order to bring the very best out of the dogs we trail, no matter the breed, age, temperament or sniffing ability. We want your experience with Mantrailing UK to be the best it can be, so we don’t skip corners and always strive to be excellent. Mantrailing is about having fun with your dog, and allowing them to use their nose naturally. It gives them a job to do in their daily life. Why not learn from the top in the industry? Want to start your Mantrailing journey today? Then click here to find your nearest Instructor.

We also suggest you join our Facebook group "Mantrailing Association UK" to connect with instructors as well as Mantrailers around the globe.

If you would like to get more information on how to become an instructor with Mantrailing UK, please follow this link "Become a Mantrailing UK certified instructor".



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